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Coach Justin Goins

Coach Justin began his Martial Arts journey learning boxing from his father who had boxed from his youth through college. Turning 18 Justin decided to step in the squared circle. After amateur boxing he turned his interest to Mixed Martial Arts adding Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to his training. After fighting twice for Rock at the Dock, he decided to step away from the cage and start a family. From there he coached boxing at his local YMCA. Feeling the urge to compete again and at the coaxing of his wife, he joined SAGA Combat and began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Scott White earning his Purple Belt meanwhile training Judo under Sensei Joseph Wells earning a Black Belt with the USJA. He is an active competitor in BJJ and Judo winning many local tournaments and has competed for organizations such as Fight2Win, ProJitsu, ADCC and Carolina Combat League. He is a 3 time National Champion in Judo.

Justin is the owner of SAGA Combat and co-owner of the grappling series East Coast Grappling. Coach Justin created the SAGA Spartans Youth Program, who in the first year of their inception came in First Place as a team at NAGA North Carolina! He also holds a coaching certification under USA Judo and a Level 2 Instructor Certification under the United States Judo Association plus a Coaching Certification under USA Boxing.

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